Saints News · What Happens if I Go on Vacation?? Do I need to Quarantine?

Coaches and parents have been inquiring about whether or not athletes need to quarantine when returning from Vacation?  The IVC schools each have established their own guidelines.  Tuscarawas Central Catholic JH/SH will require athletes to stay at home for 10 days if they vacation in a state where Covid-19 cases have seen increases above 100% based on the change in the total number of new daily cases over the past two weeks compared to the total from the previous two-week period.  The link below is a Tracking system that will be used.  (You may have to cut and paste the link).  The site is updated daily.  Note that the column indicating the 2 week change is grey shaded.  Based on today’s chart there are 13 states and territories experiencing over a 100% change.  Thanks for your understanding during these unprecedented times.